A major report on mHealth applications and the role for mobile operators and service providers: read Mobile Communications for Medical Care

China Telecom & Cambridge University

Compelling Content

We deliver great content and insight for businesses needing to understand what is happening in emerging, complex technology areas. We enable you to engage with your clients, differentiating your business with insight.

Influence Your Market

We have delivered hundreds of tech reports and papers for clients, including free-to-web, for sale and subscription. We cater to technical and lay audiences.

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Powerful Delivery

We deliver presentations in live or web format. Our experience includes running a series of web seminars, and presenting live in many venues across a range of tech topics.

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We were building interactive, web-based market intelligence databases 25 years ago. While the web technologies have changed, the need to underpin projects with rigorous research, focusing meticulously on user need and making everything simple to us, have not.


We design and run training courses to enable businesses and their people understand technology trends, and even how to track markets themselves.

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Audience and Brand

We provide end-to-end managed programmes of content, designed to drive audience and brand awareness. These can include regular pieces of compelling content including techblogs, short reports, graphics and substantial studies.

Power up your sales

We deliver

  • workshops
  • customised ‘news you can use’ monthly slide packs for sales teams to engage with customers, and
  • monthly news analysis services designed to help strategy teams keep abreast of market events.

Alongside customised analysis of implications, we provide recommendations for action.

What is really going on?

Our custom research helps your business get the best understanding of your customers, your market, your competitors and your opportunities. We provide:

  • consumer surveys
  • focus groups
  • B2B surveys
  • stakeholder & staff surveys
  • in-depth interviews with senior executives
  • telephone, web & email surveys

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What does it mean?

Our market analysis capability has been honed over hundreds of projects, covering:

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Right to Your Audience

We deliver your content right to your audience. Our capabilities include designing and building digital spaces for your material, whether that be part of your current website or a new standalone website, all tied in to your brand.

We are adept at producing content for print, designed material which is ready to be sent straight to your printer.