Innovation Observatory wrote a series of insight papers in R&D, investment and commercialisation of the Internet of Things in the UK. IO add a great deal to the debate – both for technical and non-technical audiences.

David Dowe, IoTUK, Digital Catapult

Innovation Observatory has proven an invaluable partner for GSA over a number of years, producing many and varied pieces of content, all underpinned by an extensive programme of research.

Joe Barrett, President GSA

Artificial Intelligence

Our experience in the area of artificial intelligence includes reports for clients covering use of artificial intelligence in the identification of fake content.

We also use AI to augment analytics, for example in the fields of sport and healthcare.

Automotive Industry

Our experience includes studies for various clients covering connected cars, telematics and vehicle tracking, C-V2X and DSRC, and electric vehicles. We have also generated a study on the use of innovative materials in the next generation of vehicles.

Clean Energy

Our experience includes multiple reports published on biofuels, smart grids and renewable energy generation. We have conducted detailed global smart grid forecasts. We have coordinated events for Renewables East technology accelerator and delivered training courses. 

Cyber Security

Our experience includes a detailed analysis of the network cybersecurity supply chain and market.

We have produced forecasts of the market size and an analysis of the changing competitor landscape. 


We have supported dozens of innovation events in the health sector, looking at new technologies to fight healthcare-acquired infections, team dynamics and processes, use of technologies including mobile technologies, 3D printing, nanotech, and IoT to support healthcare improvement.

Internet of Things

Our experience includes the development of a database tracking the Internet of Things, R&D for Digital Catapult, a series of papers analysing terms used in academia & business and developing a taxonomy to aid understanding of the complex IoT sector. We have analysed opportunities for 5G networks, smart cities and next generation manufacturing.


Our experience includes analysis of the likely demand for, and the capability in the UK to take advantage of, compound semiconductors. Our work has been done across multiple key sectors: 

  • energy
  • aerospace
  • space
  • telecoms
  • automotive


Our experience spans tracking telecoms over 25 years, covering

  • network equipment – from fibre to wireless, core to edge, physical layer to BSS and OSS software & applications
  • user devices and services – wholesale, business and retail markets.

Our latest projects have focused on the economic benefits of fibre broadband, 5G network technologies, tracking the emergence of LTE and 5G networks worldwide.