Market sizing and forecasting

Innovation Observatory has extensive experience in sizing and forecasting complex technology markets, and estimating market shares. We do sizing and forecasting for client-specific projects and for published reports.

Innovation Observatory does sizing and forecasting for client-specific projects and for published reports.

Example process for forecasting simple markets and estimating market shares.

We don’t like to brag but we have worked on some fascinating projects with large and medium businesses, including Bango, BT Wholesale, Cambridge Broadband Networks, Cambridge University, China Telecom, Digital Catapult, the GSA, Idenk and KCOM, measuring and analysing:

  • equipment markets by volume and value
  • service markets by volume and value
  • segmentation into product | service subcategories
  • international markets segmented by region or country
  • using customisable model input and assumption sheets

Simon Sherrington, MD

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