About Us

Simon Sherrington, Managing Director

We strongly believe that if they want to truly differentiate themselves from rivals, companies need to be ravenously curious. They must look beyond the confines of their own organisations. There is much to learn from unfamiliar industry sectors where similar issues will have been faced, but different solutions found. There are new ideas to gather from similar types of organisation operating in different contexts and other parts of the world. There is more to learn from customers than most organisations imagine, and further still to know from the many people that have not yet become customers or members. There are insights to be derived from looking at evolving patterns of behaviour, and emerging trends.

Innovation Observatory helps customers to exercise that curiosity, and provides the tools, and expertise to help them exploit the findings. For great insight you need to combine great technique, and understanding of a variety of industries, with in-depth knowledge of their trends and dynamics. Innovation Observatory helps clients to search beyond their immediate context, to identify, evaluate, or open up new opportunities. We focus on fast moving technological markets, exhibiting rapid change.