Societal aspects of Artificial Intelligence

A societal approach, based on fairness and transparency, needs to be adopted when developing and introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications, according to Kiki de Bruijn, a cognitive neuroscientist working at Diffblue as an Artificial Intelligence Evangelist, who took part in the AI Expo held in London Olympia on 18 and 19 April 2018. De Bruijn declared herself a firm believer in AI’s potential to improve the way people live. She insisted that, in order to achieve ...

Should intelligent decision-making be handed over to Artificial Intelligence?

As more enterprises around the world start investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its subsets Machine and Deep Learning, Image and Voice Recognition, Artificial Neural Networks, etc, scientific and business leaders have an interesting question to answer. Should AI be used solely to ease navigation through big data and augment human capabilities, or should it be allowed a more independent role in intelligent decision-making? Before getting AI fully involved in that sophisticated process, a few other important points need to be addressed...

Could AI help spot a fake Donald Trump?

Spotting a fake image of Donald TrumpOne of the major use cases for AI is object recognition for machine vision and other applications. The number of uses to which object recognition can be put is huge: think of how much of human life is based on the ability to identify what we see – both ‘in the flesh’, and in reproductions such as photographs, paintings, drawings and videos.

Some images are designed to be symbolic: signage uses representations that abstract the essential attributes of a thing in a way that can be easily interpreted by a human. Sometimes the abstraction and final representations draw on more than data that is just pictorial, but could be cultural too. For instance, identifying ladies’ and gents’ toilets from their signs assumes the viewer understands the cultural significance of the A-line skirt. At an even higher level of abstraction...

Finding the value in delivering AI services

At the AI Expo in London in April, it became clear that the market for artificial intelligence (AI) is somewhat unclear. Many businesses understand that advances in the capabilities of computing power, data analysis methods and machine learning are having an increasing impact on many areas of commercial activity, but they are not sure whether – or more importantly how – this might apply to what they do.

I had originally thought that AI solutions for business applications were likely to involve custom-built AI engines, making use of the data collection, management and ...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tech Digest - April 2018

Medical diagnostics, telling stories, playing Doom, filling in missing code, defeating attempts to confuse image recognition ... our round up of the most important AI stories of the last few weeks


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