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Huawei’s annual global analyst summit: the wrap-up

M2M and wireless commsWhat were the most significant things to come out of the global analyst summit hosted in April by Huawei – one of the biggest telecoms equipment vendors? I’ve had a few days to reflect, and these are my conclusions.

Customer Experience Management – now the value becomes clear

Using CEM to help prioritise network and serice optimisationHuawei knows what it’s doing with Customer Experience Management (CEM). Maybe I am late to appreciate what all the fuss was about, but I can’t say that over the five or so years that CEM has been one of the hottest topics in telecoms I’ve noticed any big difference in the quality of experience of the service provides I use. It is possible that they have in place something as sophisticated as the system showcased by Huawei...

Where telecoms companies get the small business sales process wrong

Communications service providers (CSPs) know that small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) represent a significant market for both basic communications services and a range of additional, value-added services, such as security, unified communications, hosting, ecommerce, and online applications.

Why enterprise data analytics platforms haven’t displaced bespoke solutions in telecoms OSS/BSS

Billing system vendors used to build their own database systems, and network management system vendors used to create their own reporting tools. The reasons for doing this disappeared. Enterprise database technology got good enough to do the job at lower prices, and the reporting capabilities from specialist tools began to overtake those of NMSs. Consequently the OSS/BSS community stopped their own development and started building in commodity IT infrastructure and applications sourced from others.

Managing the changing nature of mobile customer and product lifecycles

Listening to Amdocs explain the rationale for the changes that it had made in its CES 9 integrated software suite for telecoms operators and service providers, launched on 5 February, I was struck by how the relatively inward-looking world of telecoms IT and network operations is being turned inside out, and how vendors of OSS and BSS are helping.


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