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IPX, and who pays for the Internet - Insights from Carriers World (Part 2)

IPX to kill international TDM voice interconnect within 3 years?

A really interesting session at Carriers World on 25th September discussed how IPX would contribute to the demise of TDM interconnect both nationally and internationally over the next few years.

Insights from Carriers World (Part 1)

They who must not be named … and the future of wholesale telecoms Well, it took an hour and a half, and a question from an analyst, but finally, the wholesale operators speaking during the morning session of Carriers World mentioned the name of one of the over-the-top players – Facebook, as it happens – that are threatening traditional telecoms business models...

IP Exchange (IPX) - a wholesale model whose time has come..?

Telstra Global recently became the latest international carrier to launch an IPX service, joining a growing gang of providers that includes many of the world’s biggest carriers (but which notably still excludes most of the big North American carriers). IPX services are provided over MPLS networks. These must additionally be equipped with the capabilities to apply and assure service, customer and route-based quality of service rules, and to provide interoperability between similar services on different networks, and to enable new wholesale business models.

The IPX market: where it's going and what the potential is

IPX networks are interconnected, private (i.e. off the public Internet), secure, managed IP networks providing guaranteed quality of service within and across interconnected networks by class of service supported by SLAs and with options for end-to-end cascading payments between suppliers and with transparent pricing. They are designed to support both single (multilateral) connection to an IPX or bilateral interconnect agreements as well as interworking and roaming across fixed and mobile network standards (GSM, CDMA, LTE etc.) for a range of services.

Why mobile operators use clearinghouses and roaming hubs

Innovation Observatory has undertaken research into the market for international clearinghouse and roaming hub services, examining the reasons why operators choose to outsource their international financial and data clearing to third parties, and to pass roaming traffic through third party hubs, and what the trends are that affect this significant but not-well-known wholesale telecoms market. Roaming hubs and clearinghouses can speed the establishment and minimise the cost of roaming agreements and the processing of large volumes of data from roaming relationships.


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