Our sectors

Innovation Observatory specialises in tracking fast-moving technology sectors, and we have worked for clients in a range of industries. We have deep expertise in the following areas...:

Internet content and applications
We have undertaken projects looking at many aspects of the emerging Internet economy, including analysis of opportunities in the mobile payments market, a review of over-the-top VoIP providers and services, analysis of Internet TV and content delivery systems, opportunities in the conferencing market, reports on providers of cloud services and technologies, as well as analysis of underlying wholesale markets such as the development of IP Exchange (IPX) services, and IP transit markets. We have also written extensively about issues such as net neutrality and use of traffic monitoring and shaping, and ensuring quality of experience of services delivered over the Internet.

Fixed and mobile telecoms
Projects and reports we have completed have looked at pretty much every important aspect of global fixed and mobile telecommunications including equipment and technology market developments, analysis of retail and wholesale services, and indepth comparison of regulations. On the services side we have analysed competitor positioning, provided guidance and support with new service development, and undertaken indepth studies into customer demand (including both consumer, business and wholesale service needs). We have also provided clients with support on go-to-market strategies, marcomms messaging, and identifying potential customers.

We have been tracking media market developments and opportunities over a number of years, and projects have included reviewing technology options for media (and particularly video) delivery in the online environment, analysis of trends likely to impact on media providers, opportunities for companies to sell wholesale services to content providers, as well as reviewing media players themselves and helping clients understand their buying habits.

Clean energy and smart grids
Innovation Observatory has provided a range of services related to clean energy and smart grids. This has included providing training services and publishing reports about developments in the biofuels market, analysing market leadership for a potential investor in the smart meter market, writing white papers for companies seeking to position themselves as smart grid infrastructure providers, profiling listed clean energy technology companies for a public sector organisation, analysing national clean energy markets, organising an event to help enterpreneurs understand potential funding opportunities, helping a funding body to understand how its offer fitted with other funding opportunities available to enterpreneurs, and publishing reports and forecasts for various aspects of the smart grid market.

Software and IT
Recent work in the software and IT market has included an extensive study for a client on developments in the telecoms software testing market, analysis of billing and OSS systems for smart grids, analysis of billing systems for cloud services, as well as many projects looking at the billing and OSS requirements of telecoms operators and service providers.

We have undertaken a variety of assignments focused on the healthcare sector including an indepth analysis of mHealth market opportunities, for Cambridge University and China Mobile; provision of training material and communications collateral to support the Department of Health team responsible for tackling healthcare acquired infections; and support with events designed to help identify new innovative technologies for combating healthcare acquired infections; and we helped redefine the strategy for a key healthcare research division of the NHS.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about our expertise in any of these or other related areas.