Finding the value in delivering AI services

At the AI Expo in London in April, it became clear that the market for artificial intelligence (AI) is somewhat unclear. Many businesses understand that advances in the capabilities of computing power, data analysis methods and machine learning are having an increasing impact on many areas of commercial activity, but they are not sure whether – or more importantly how – this might apply to what they do.

I had originally thought that AI solutions for business applications were likely to involve custom-built AI engines, making use of the data collection, management and ...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tech Digest - April 2018

Medical diagnostics, telling stories, playing Doom, filling in missing code, defeating attempts to confuse image recognition ... our round up of the most important AI stories of the last few weeks

Clubs take Artificial Intelligence to the football pitch

Predictive analytics, based on big data is becoming an integral part of developing and delivering successful strategies in sport. These approaches are evolving to become more autonomous – and are being described as ‘artificial intelligence’ by those in the industry. Some of the world’s most renowned football clubs are already employing whole AI departments to help gather, process and analyse data, aimed at improving all aspects of the club’s performance – from marketing and sales to the results on the pitch.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tech Digest - March 2018

Medical diagnosis, drug molecule screening, bear detection, human navigation and more ... our round up of interesting AI stories from recent weeks

AI Tech Digest - February 2018

Predicting psychosis, learning to tidy up, detecting terrorist propaganda and beating animal poachers ... our round up of all the important AI tech news in February 2018


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