Thought leadership by numbers

I blame Cisco. When the US network equipment provider brought out its Visual Networking Index (VNI), I wonder if it realised quite how widely quoted it would be? I reckon Cisco probably thought it would be a useful piece of marketing communications collateral, but surely it could not have realised the affect it would have on the way technology companies do their marketing...?

Video explains ICT maturity and how to use it to sell better to businesses

A new video from Innovation Observatory explains how the ICT maturity of a business can be assessed, and how to use this concept to enable more accurate segmentation of the business market for ICT products and services, and better market forecasting.

The Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) market will be dominated by large corporate deployments for the next five years

Innovation Observatory has modelled the market for mobile device management and mobile application management (MDM/MAM) solutions, and has forecast the value of the market, cut in a number of different ways. Our forecast numbers are available to people who sign up to receive regular email insights from our toolkit 'Marketing ICT to Business: Essential Insights and Practical Tips'.

Responsibilities are being loaded on to smart meter installation engineers. How can we help them cope?

The UK code of practice for smart meter installation (SMICoP), developed by the industry in conjunction with the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and published in December 2012, runs to 44 pages. It covers pretty much every conceivable aspect of the installation visit – from before it happens to well after it finishes. Is this excessive? Well, not all the 44 pages deal with what the installation engineer has to do ...

Three key design factors and eight top tips for designing and running a market intelligence function

The role of market intelligenceOur experience in supporting the market intelligence and market insight (MI) functions of technology organisations has led us to the understanding that there are three key requirements of the MI design process, and some simple rules that will help organisations looking to set up or optimise their market intelligence gathering and dissemination programmes.


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