White paper shows how a strategic approach to field engineering brings multiple benefits

Innovation Observatory’s new paper demonstrates the links between field engineering, customer experience and other aspects of communications service providers’ business

Conventional business market segmentation flawed says new report

Using a model of business ICT maturity is better than size and sector approaches for forecasting market size and targeting sales and marketing messages

Technology product and service vendors risk losing out on significant opportunities, and waste of marketing resources, by using conventional approaches to segmenting their business markets, according to a new report from market research consultancy and technology analyst company Innovation Observatory. The report shows that a company’s level of ‘ICT maturity’ is a better predictor than size or type of business of whether a company will buy and use a new technology product or service.

'Who's who' in IPX

As the market for IP Exchange services has started to grow, so the ranks of IPX providers has also begun to swell, with many heavyweight telecoms service providers now offering access to their IPX networks and IPX-based services. Innovation Observatory has compiled a list of leading IPX providers...and we have identified a short-list of some of those IPX providers that believe are setting the pace in terms of growth and product / service innovation.

IPX networks to carry wholesale telecoms services worth USD5 billion p.a. by 2017

As much as 25% of the wholesale value of traffic flowing over IPX networks will be generated from new and value-added services; LTE interoperability, roaming and voice services will also be strong drivers of growth...

Lack of clear pricing is one of nine barriers to IPX adoption

We've identified nine distinct barriers to the adoption of IP Exchange (IPX) services by operators worldwide. It may not surprise you to learn that price is one of them - but actually, just as important as price levels is the lack of clear information about price structures or comparisons with alternative international wholesale IP transit and service interconnection options. The quotes in the graphic below are taken from our in-depth interviews with wholesale buyers.


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