Mobile device / application management vendors risk failure as mass adoption begins

Opportunities for mobile telecom operators as trusted partners St Ives, Cambs., UK, 1 October 2012 Mobile device and application management (MDM / MAM) vendors need to carefully choose their target growth market segments, channel partners and use sector-appropriate language to explain their products if they are to succeed, says a new report by telecoms analyst company Innovation Observatory. The report concludes that partnership with mobile telecom operators can help mitigate some of the risks of rapid growth.

Brazil smart grid investment forecast significantly cut in new report

St Ives, Cambs., UK 9 October 2012 Changes in Brazil’s smart meter policy have had a material impact on Innovation Observatory’s latest technology investment forecast for that country. Other policy and economic changes are also reflected in a new report, which shows that globally the market remains buoyant until after 2018, and that cumulative investment by 2030 is predicted to reach almost USD400 billion.

MDM & MAM: emerging markets with a need for channel partners

The markets for mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) are growing and evolving rapidly as increasing numbers of businesses realise the need to implement robust management of the mobile devices and applications that their employees are using. The drivers are numerous and come both from outside the business (for example due to the wider availability of apps, devices, wireless connectivity) and from inside (for example from a desire from companies for better scalable and more robustly secure solutions for managing devices).

Modelling ICT maturity and enhancing segmentation improves business sales

As more ICT product and service vendors structure their sales teams around vertical market sectors, put in place channel strategies to address customers on the basis of size, and start wondering about 'big data' and analytics, it's time to look hard at effective ways of cutting up the market so products and services can be optimally marketed and delivered.

Map your processes and collaborate - the best ways to support innovation

Many organisations developing products and services use tools to help them in the innovation process, but specialist innovation management tools are not widely deployed, and few organisations consider how the careful application of standard business tools can make a big difference to the effectiveness of new product and service development. Research carried out by Innovation Observatory shows that the tools that are most widely used by innovative organisations can be grouped into three broad categories (see the diagram).


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