Feeling blue? Or in pain? Don a VR headset: VR as a therapeutic tool

Software developers and medics around the world are working to prove that Virtual Reality (VR) powers stretch far beyond gaming and entertainment and have the potential to aid thousands suffering from cancer, anxiety, personality disorders, physical or psychological traumas. VR can save no lives directly. But it can add quality to the day-to-day routine of patients, by offering immersive experiences to improve pain and stress management. To what extent ...

For telecom operators, digital transformation involves more than technology

Consultancies and equipment vendors are helping telecom operators to reskill and restructure their workforces as they transform to become - and to support - digital organisations. It's not easy, and the starting point is a common language and framework for the competencies needed ...

Electric vehicle charging infrastructure policy is stifling adoption: a UK case study

For over a century the internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle has dominated the automotive marketplace, and despite the introduction of electric vehicles (EVs), their adoption remains painfully slow: EV market share in the UK currently stands at 1.7% of the total vehicle stock. A recent survey conducted by the UK Department of Transport found that cost, range anxiety, and unproven technology were significant barriers to adoption. However, the number one factor deterring drivers away from EVs is the ability to recharge.

Innovation Observatory recently spoke with Keith Johnson, the CEO at Urban Electric to discuss the common barriers with EV charging infrastructure in the UK today. Keith was previously the Manager Director at GoinGreen who brought to market the G-Wiz and has over 16 years of experience working in e-mobility and charging networks.

Siri, when will I be able to talk to you naturally?

Ask your digital assistant a question and if you are direct, concise and in possession of the right kind of accent, you may get a reply. Voice-activated assistants are still worlds away from the full-scale virtual companions Artificial Intelligence (AI) developers want them to be. Smart as they are, these devices keep on struggling with the complexity of human speech. So far, they remain limited to responding to simple requests related to performing mundane tasks or providing encyclopaedic knowledge.

Securing the Industrial IoT: What's going on?

Today's industrial technology settings have more interfaces than ever before, making industrial systems some of the most attractive targets for malware and ransomware attacks. Most of the top industrial IoT (IIoT) security concerns relate to this increasing openness – and the slow pace of industry’s response to it.


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