The Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) market will be dominated by large corporate deployments for the next five years

Innovation Observatory has modelled the market for mobile device management and mobile application management (MDM/MAM) solutions, and has forecast the value of the market, cut in a number of different ways:

  • Global value of market for MDM/MAM solutions 2013-2017, split by company size band, 2013-2017 (USD)
  • Value of market for MDM/MAM solutions in North America, Europe and the rest of the world, 2013-2017 (USD)
  • Proportion of global market for MDM/MAM solutions accounted for by on-premises and SaaS deployments, 2013-2017
  • Proportion of global retail MDM/MAM solutions market accounted for by direct sales and the channel 2013-2017
  • Value of retail MDM/MAM solution market going through the channel, per region, 2013-2017 (USD)

Our forecasts take into account the number and distribution of companies with different numbers of employees in exemplar countries (including taking into account sector-based business demographics), and estimate the uptake of MDM by companies of different sizes (taking into account factors including smartphone, tablet and connected laptop penetration).

The model additionally estimates the relative adoption of on-premises and SaaS solutions by different sizes of company, and the rate of change of MDM solution-provider by customers, as well as the current and future number of devices managed by MDM solutions per employee (and per company).

To arrive at market values, we have used current prices of component parts of on-premises solutions, volume discount structures, and current prices of SaaS offers, estimating how prices will evolve. Finally, we have considered the current and likely future structure of the channels to market for MDM/MAM solutions, and the likely distribution of retail value through channel partners.

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