ICT maturity predicts future use of ICT products

A previous post introduced how we were thinking about a model of ‘ICT maturity’ as a better basis for segmenting business ICT markets than the more usual size- and sector-based segments that most ICT providers tend to use. We’ve now worked through the ideas, and used the results of a business ICT buyer survey to test whether our ICT maturity model can predict whether a company uses, or plans to use, a range of ICT products and services.

I have to say I am pleased with the results. They show that our model – which builds up a picture of ICT maturity by looking across four broad domains of a company’s activities – is indeed a useful concept. Furthermore, we’ve done some thinking about how the idea can be applied in practice to add real value to a customer database (enabling better targeting and less wastage of sales and marketing campaigns), and to improve the accuracy of market forecasting for innovative ICT products and services. We have put the details of what we’ve found into a low-cost report, that also contains results from our survey. The details of it are here.

While the idea isn’t completely new, we think the way we’ve developed the concept to be of practical rather than just academic use will help many of our clients, and we plan to  visit our clients to talk through the methodology, and show how it can be applied.

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