Paper shows growing momentum behind LTE Broadcast

Innovation Observatory has produced a white paper for the LTE Broadcast Alliance that shows the progress being made in the development of eMBMS technology and broadcast / multicast services by operators and vendors around the world. The paper, "LTE Broadcast – Lessons Learned from Trials and Early Deployments", highlights the proofs of concept that have been completed and are underway, the commercial services launched, and new services nearing commercialization.

Many technical trials have proved the effectiveness of eMBMS technology and its ability to support multiple deployment models. Issues identified during early trials have been resolved, and operators, network equipment providers, middleware, chipset and device vendors now know what is required and can take steps now to drive LTE Broadcast forward to a successful future.

The paper discusses real services with proven business cases, and shows how operators can learn lessons from the pioneers. The paper also notes that LTE Broadcast complements many LTE Advanced and Advanced Pro developments, and there is a stream of work underway to future-proof LTE Broadcast as 5G networks move closer.

You can download the paper here: LTE Broadcast Alliance paper final

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