Modelling ICT maturity and enhancing segmentation improves business sales

As more ICT product and service vendors structure their sales teams around vertical market sectors, put in place channel strategies to address customers on the basis of size, and start wondering about 'big data' and analytics, it's time to look hard at effective ways of cutting up the market so products and services can be optimally marketed and delivered.

Our work on B2B market segmentation for ICT products and services is getting into gear: we're commissioning an extensive demand-side survey that will complement some very good data sets that have recently become available. This will enable us to forecast technology markets with more useful breakdowns and with more accuracy. For instance, it will help us to take into account the variation that we know exists within traditional sector- and size-based market segments.

All this will be summarised in a series of reports that will be published within the next few weeks. In the mean time, here's a dynamic, zooming presentation that explains why we think B2B selling can be done on market segmentation based on ICT maturity. (Press the play button to start and move through the slides. You can then choose to press "More" to view full-screen.) If you are having difficulty viewing the Prezi, try at

Contact me ( or +44 1480 309341) for more details of our work in this area.

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