Mobile device / application management vendors risk failure as mass adoption begins

Opportunities for mobile telecom operators as trusted partners St Ives, Cambs., UK, 1 October 2012 Mobile device and application management (MDM / MAM) vendors need to carefully choose their target growth market segments, channel partners and use sector-appropriate language to explain their products if they are to succeed, says a new report by telecoms analyst company Innovation Observatory. The report concludes that partnership with mobile telecom operators can help mitigate some of the risks of rapid growth. The report shows that there are many suppliers in the rapidly growing market for systems that enable businesses to manage the wide range of mobile devices and apps used by employees for business purposes. While there is scope for big gains as the market goes mainstream, MDM and MAM platform developers must carefully choose complementary channel partners to achieve growth without risking overstretching themselves, especially across multiple geographic markets and in unfamiliar sectors. Large businesses are looking to extend the management of devices and applications beyond their corporate BlackBerry email service. Regulated sectors such as healthcare, financial services, government and energy have been early adopters of MDM platforms. Corporate applications (especially for tablets such as the iPad) have also driven interest in MDM and MAM. In North America in particular it is increasingly important to support employee-owned devices as well as company-issue phones and tablets. Organisations of all sizes, in sectors from fashion to fleet services, realise that securing data and applications on any mobile device becomes increasingly important as the functionality, connectivity and storage capacity of the devices increases. Jon Tee, author of the report, “Enterprise Mobility, MDM and MAM: Supply and Demand” points out that mobile operators have a good opportunity to benefit from this market growth: “Many specialist MDM / MAM vendors aren’t big enough in terms of the breadth of their service offer to give businesses everything they need, and they can’t easily expand geographically without partners: mobile operators make very good partners for them because they can provide hosting, integration and support services to complement the core software functionality,” he says. Other channel partners – and potential competitors – include systems integrators (a number of which have made strategic acquisitions in this market) and value-added resellers. The Innovation Observatory report ”Enterprise Mobility, MDM and MAM: Supply, Demand and Market Dynamics" identifies target market segments and analyses the supply-side of the market looking at the positioning of different types of player across the value chain. It also profiles ten of the leading vendors of MDM and MAM solutions and compares the scope of their offerings and their market strategy. The 20 page report costs GBP900.00 plus applicable VAT and is available directly from Innovation Observatory. -Ends- For more information and interviews contact: Danny Dicks on tel: +44 1480 309341 or +44 7914 533169

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