Global IP Exchange: Current Status and Future Prospects for IPX

This report provides in-depth analysis of the emerging global IP Exchange (IPX) market. Based on interviews with IPX providers and wholesale service buyers, the study assesses the development of the IPX market and includes service provider comparisons, reviews customer needs, and provides market forecasts. It delivers insight into the opportunities open to suppliers and buyers.

Global carriers have been steadily announcing the launch of their global IPX networks. Many have also been declaring the introduction of new services to go over those networks, and initial customer contracts too. However, the market is confused, with service providers attributing the IPX brand to a wide range of different services, network types, and customer contracts. Wholesale service buyers are currently investigating IPX-based services and assessing whether they make a good strategic fit, but remain cautious.

  • This report cuts through the hype, and provides a framework for analysis of the market, so that services can be compared on a like-for-like basis.
  • It reviews the current and future offers of the leading IPX providers.
  • It compares the offers against the market needs of the IPX buyers and potential buyers, showing where the opportunities can be found, and how IPX service providers need to evolve their offerings in order to maximise their success.

Global IP Exchange: Current Status and Future Prospects for IPX answers your key questions:

  • What is the IPX market? What constitutes an IPX network and an IPX service?
  • How big is the IPX market? How big is the IPX market going to get? How long will it take to get that big?
  • What IPX services are customers buying now, and what IPX services will customers want to buy in the future?
  • What do potential buyers think of IPX?
  • What are the market drivers?
  • Which are the most important market trends?
  • Who are the best potential customers for IPX services and where can they be found?
  • Who is providing IPX networks and IPX services now?
  • How do their services compare?
  • Who are the IPX market leaders?
  • What infrastructure is needed to deploy an IPX network?
  • Who are the leading providers of equipment and software to IPX network operators and service providers?
  • What opportunities do IPX networks and IPX services offer to buyers of wholesale services?

Companies profiled in this report include operators Aicent, Belgacom International Carrier Services (BICS), BT, Citic Telecom International, Colt, Comfone, Deutsche Telekom ICSS, Etisalat, iBasis, NTT Communications, Orange Wholesale, PCCW, Sybase, Syniverse, Tata Communications, Telefonica International Wholesale, Telecom Italia Sparkle, Telstra Global, TeliaSonera International Carrier, TNS Inc and XConnect; and signalling / interoperability vendors Acme Packet, Dialogic, F5, Genband, Sonus and Tekelec.

IPX network operators and service providers Find out how competitors are positioned, what customers want, and where the growth opportunities can be found

Wholesale voice, data and Internet SPs Learn whether IPX networks and services threaten your traditional wholesale business, and whether your company should introduce IPX services

Mobile, WiFi and WiMAX providers Understand how IPX networks and services can save your business time and money, and open up new revenue opportunities

MVNOs Discover how IPX networks and services can help you to differentiate

Content / app providers and device vendors Identify ways of working with IPX network and service providers to create new opportunities

Fixed network operators and VoIP SPs Pinpoint the optimal ways of engaging with IPX networks and service providers, and find out how to expand your addressable markets

Technology vendors Learn how your solutions for IPX vendors compare with those of competitors, find out how the market will grow, and identify the best customers for your technology solutions.

Table of contents

  1. IPX networks and services definitions
  2. Market overview
    1. Market drivers
    2. Key trends
  3. Buyer perspectives on the benefits of IPX, plans for deployment and IPX provider selection criteria
  4. IPX network and service providers
    1. Review of service offerings
    2. Comparison of key players' market positioning
    3. Analysis of general strengths and weaknesses
    4. IPX network operator and service provider profiles
  5. IPX equipment markets
    1. Technologies underpinning IPX networks
    2. Leading providers of IPX-enabling technologies
    3. Vendor profiles
  6. Market size and forecasts
    1. Current size of the IPX market
    2. Key factors shaping the growth of the market
    3. Global IPX voice market forecasts
    4. Global IPX data service forecasts
    5. Global IPX traffic forecasts
    6. IPX revenues as a proportion of total wholesale revenues
  7. Analysis of IPX-related service opportunities
    1. For MVNOs
    2. For mobile, WiFi and WiMAX operators
    3. For fixed network operators and VoIP providers
    4. For content and application providers
    5. For comms equipment and device vendors
    6. For network equipment and software providers
    7. For IPX network operators and SPs
  8. Strategic recommendations for IPX providers (related to marketing and sales, business models and strategic positioning).

Price: £1500 (plus applicable VAT) for a five user licence. This 120-page report is provided in electronic PDF format. Published December 2012.