MDM, MAM and Enterprise Mobility: Supply, Demand and Market Dynamics

Innovation Observatory report October 2012 - includes market forcasts to 2017 Large businesses are extending the management of mobile devices and applications beyond their corporate BlackBerry email service. Regulated sectors such as healthcare, financial services, government and energy have been early adopters of MDM platforms. Interest in MAM is growing with increased interest in the use of mobile applications to support employee productivity and with the development of line of business applications (especially for tablets such as the iPad). In North America in particular many businesses are looking to be able to securely support employee-owned devices as well as company-issue phones and tablets. Organisations of all sizes, in sectors from fashion to fleet services, realise that securing devices and the data and applications on mobile devices is becoming increasingly important as the functionality and storage capacity of the devices increases. Your questions answered

  • What are the issues for enterprises in providing mobility technology to their employees and how does MDM address them?
  • Are there larger problems of which this is one element?
  • How can MDM / MAM vendors ensure success in this growing market?
  • What is the value of the market opportunity, and where will the money be spent?
  • What are the opportunities for mobile operators and service providers?
  • How should MDM services be structured and marketed?
  • Which sectors/sizes of company will gain most from MDM / MAM?
  • How do the different vendors compare?

Who should buy this report?

  • Mobile operators and services providers: find out how to grow revenues by providing MDM services, what the opportunity is, how big it is, and how offers should be structured
  • MDM vendors: learn the size of the opportnity, how to reduce risks, and how to grow business by matching solutions with evolving demand
  • System integrators: understand the scale of the opportunities and threats from mobile operators in the MDM market
  • Businesses and public sector organisations: learn the pros and cons of different approaches to MDM, what options are available from different vendors, and who the solution providers are that best meet your needs


  • Executive summary
  • MDM and MAM form part of a wider suite of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) software
  • Demand is being driven by a number of trends that are restructuring enterprise mobility
    • However, a number of barriers to adoption remain
  • Demand is rapidly evolving
    • Understanding demand for MDM and MAM requires careful market segmentation
    • Pricing strategies vary by deployment method
    • There is rapid change in patterns of demand
  • A crowded supply side makes complementary partnerships critical
    • Partnerships are crucial for many players in the value chain
    • Successful vendors must address the questions that potential solution buyers will be asking
    • Major MDM and MAM players include focused specialists and large IT providers
  • Recommendations

Figures and tables

  • Figure: Employee and business drivers for MDM software
  • Figure: Segments defined by mobility requirements and severity of consequences from data loss
  • Table: Pricing structures for MDM deployments
  • Figure: Global value of market for MDM/MAM solutions 2012-2017, split by company size band
  • Figure: Value of market for MDM/MAM solutions in North America, Europe and the rest of the world, 2012-2017
  • Figure: Proportion of global market for MDM/MAM solutions accounted for by on-premises and SaaS deployments, 2012-2017
  • Figure: Capabilities of MDM and MAM specialists in enterprise mobility management
  • Figure: MDM/MAM value chain and player strengths
  • Figure: Positioning of MDM vendors by channel and deployment strategies
  • Figure: Proportion of global MDM/MAM solutions market accounted for by direct sales and the channel 2012-2017
  • Figure: Value of retail MDM/MAM solution market going through the channel, 2012-2017, for North America, Europe and the rest of the world
  • Figure: Questions typically asked by buyers of MDM and MAM software
  • Table: Major MDM and MAM vendors include focused specialists and large IT providers

Companies mentioned in theis report

AirWatch Amdocs Apperian Apple Appurity AT&T Bell Mobility Bharti AirTel BoxTone Bridgeway Security Solutions Brightstar / DataTech BT Chevron Clearwire Coca-Cola Etisalat FiberLink Futura Mobility Good Technology Google IBM LANDesk McAfee MetroPCS Mformation Technologies Microsoft MobileIron Novell Orange UK Pfizer Research in Motion (RIM) SAP Saphire Shell Sophos Soti Sprint Swisscom Symantec Tangoe Telefonica / O2 Telstra T-Mobile Verizon Wireless Vodafone Wipro Zenprise

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