Six reasons why you should care what an API is

APIs (application programming interfaces) will change the face of global enterprise telecoms. Service providers using APIs exposed by network operators will be able to deliver innovative integrated comms and IT solutions, around the world, without having to engage in complex integration projects. At the same time they will be able to transform their business models, with telecoms usage becoming a revenue generator, rather than being a cost to bear. If APIs are not on your radar, they need to be...

If you are not top of mind, you will miss small business sales

It is well known that big businesses have established processes for considering new suppliers of communications and IT services. It is generally assumed that smaller businesses are much less sophisticated. But what does that really mean for marketing and selling to them?

Innovation Observatory specialises in helping ICT providers to understand their customers, and to find new ways of selling and marketing to them. To support our work we have been surveying UK businesses to get a really good sense of what they buy, and how they buy.

Orange won't be the last to launch HD voice on its IPX

Orange Wholesale has announced that it is making high definition (HD) voice services available to international wholesale customers over its IPX. Having tested HD voice provision between Orange group companies it is now making good on last year's promise to open up HD voice interoperability for non-group service providers, facilitating calls between fixed and mobile networks.

ICT maturity predicts future use of ICT products

A previous post introduced how we were thinking about a model of ‘ICT maturity’ as a better basis for segmenting business ICT markets than the more usual size- and sector-based segments that most ICT providers tend to use. We’ve now worked through the ideas, and used the results of a business ICT buyer survey to test whether our ICT maturity model can predict whether a company uses, or plans to use, a range of ICT products and services.

Lack of clear pricing is one of nine barriers to IPX adoption

We've identified nine distinct barriers to the adoption of IP Exchange (IPX) services by operators worldwide. It may not surprise you to learn that price is one of them - but actually, just as important as price levels is the lack of clear information about price structures or comparisons with alternative international wholesale IP transit and service interconnection options. The quotes in the graphic below are taken from our in-depth interviews with wholesale buyers.


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