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Good ideas emerging…brief review of Interop 2015

What3words concept graphic2My main reason for being at Interop was to find interesting, innovative companies and new ideas. I wasn’t disappointed...

Innovation …. nation?

Chart of business births per 1000 peopleWe often hear politicians and local businesspeople talk about the pull of London, about how it attracts the rest of the nation’s innovators, and about how there is a requirement to kick start business creation in other parts of the country.

It was always obvious, I suppose, that London would have the greatest number of start-ups; it is, after all, the most affluent area of the UK, and houses the most people. But how does London compare when that business creation activity is normalized according to the size of the local population?

What does the Liberty acquisition of Virgin Media mean for UK telecom?

Most comment on the acquisition of Virgin Media by Liberty Global has focused on the obvious: “It will create the world’s biggest cable operator.” “Richard Branson will get a nice lump sum.” “Malone and Murdoch can slug it out in a new market.” “To be successful Liberty will have to sell more bundles and upsell more TV and broadband.”  Ho hum…

Six reasons why you should care what an API is

APIs (application programming interfaces) will change the face of global enterprise telecoms. Service providers using APIs exposed by network operators will be able to deliver innovative integrated comms and IT solutions, around the world, without having to engage in complex integration projects. At the same time they will be able to transform their business models, with telecoms usage becoming a revenue generator, rather than being a cost to bear. If APIs are not on your radar, they need to be...

If you are not top of mind, you will miss small business sales

It is well known that big businesses have established processes for considering new suppliers of communications and IT services. It is generally assumed that smaller businesses are much less sophisticated. But what does that really mean for marketing and selling to them?

Innovation Observatory specialises in helping ICT providers to understand their customers, and to find new ways of selling and marketing to them. To support our work we have been surveying UK businesses to get a really good sense of what they buy, and how they buy.


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