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Managing the changing nature of mobile customer and product lifecycles

Listening to Amdocs explain the rationale for the changes that it had made in its CES 9 integrated software suite for telecoms operators and service providers, launched on 5 February, I was struck by how the relatively inward-looking world of telecoms IT and network operations is being turned inside out, and how vendors of OSS and BSS are helping.

Is Ericsson right to focus so strongly on serving mobile operators?

Ericsson’s CEO Hans Vestberg believes there is still a great deal of transformation to happen in the way businesses make use of mobile broadband, and says Ericsson will continue to focus on supporting mobile operators in their aims to provide networks, enable services and create new services. But there are other big players that will start to take an increasing share of the overall market for mobile communications. Should Ericsson be planning to offer more to those players too?

ICT maturity predicts future use of ICT products

A previous post introduced how we were thinking about a model of ‘ICT maturity’ as a better basis for segmenting business ICT markets than the more usual size- and sector-based segments that most ICT providers tend to use. We’ve now worked through the ideas, and used the results of a business ICT buyer survey to test whether our ICT maturity model can predict whether a company uses, or plans to use, a range of ICT products and services.

Lack of clear pricing is one of nine barriers to IPX adoption

We've identified nine distinct barriers to the adoption of IP Exchange (IPX) services by operators worldwide. It may not surprise you to learn that price is one of them - but actually, just as important as price levels is the lack of clear information about price structures or comparisons with alternative international wholesale IP transit and service interconnection options. The quotes in the graphic below are taken from our in-depth interviews with wholesale buyers.


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